I found myself!

I found myself in a Zurich shop yesterday…


It’s weird to find yourself when you were not even looking for it! A bit like when you cut your hair and in the first days right after in front of the mirror you meet someone you think you know, seems familiar, and then you understand it’s yourself, your new self.
I really wanted to go inside myself and see how it is in there. But I was closed. At least now I know where I am…


Restaurant Day arrives in Zurich!

It’s the 19 of May 2012 and getting up at the first light of a promising day, I just grab a yogurt: we have a big, long, fat day in front: RESTAURANT DAY first time in ZURICH! restaurant day was started in Finland

I find this is sinply a great idea. One of those things that alike couchsurfing or bookcrossing, just makes me believe in human nature again. Ah sorry, but I did not tell you yet how it works. So basically you register on the website and decide to turn your flat into a restaurant: choose what to cook, a opening time and a price and that’s it, people you don’t know will just come to eat at your place. Isn’t it awesome? Since I take things always quite seriously, I came home from work with printouts ordered in an opening time sequence: I am going for a marathon!!! Obviously being the first time I attend such event, I want to get a good feeling of it trying out different places, and thanks God I got some  good stomach company! (anyway I don’t have friends on diet, or better, people on diet are not my friends!) First stop at 12.00 me and Neil we go to discover what a “folzschnitten” is. I tried to google it, but the results weren’t satisfying, so I need to see it with my own eyes, or better my taste buds want to! We arrive in a lovely garden with benches populated by young couples with kids. The table cloth is a long drawing sheet where we can express our creativity (the 2 years old kid next to me is with no surprise a much better artist) coffee is good and the dish is yummy (Neil particularly impressed by the rhubarb that comes with it). Most important is that everyone is just very friendly so we enjoy the chat. We move on to another sweet pit-stop with tasty cakes (one above all the florida key lime pie) great: plenty of new ideas for my own cooking challenges! Then we get Mark on board and move to apero time in the garden. Two great chefs as hosts serving gourgeous stuff and fresh lemonade! And untill here we get the company of Nina and Jonas: reporter and photographer witnessing this day (their plan is even more ambitious than ours: 12 stops and biking in between!). 19.00 and it’s time for tabouleh! In this flat they took seriously the restaurant concept with 3 nice little tables like in a small trattoria -Herzig! After a second pit-stop we close this day with a visit to the Ron’s Trattoria (it’s actually thanks to Ron if I discovered this initiative! http://www.ronorp.ch): we are too late for the spaghetti, but we get a free painting exposition, music and the beer cost simply as much as you want to give!

The great b-side effect of all this wanderig and eating is actually getting lost and discover new part of the city I have never been to! I can go to bed with a nice feeling: mankind is generous and open, good job Zurich! And who knows, maybe at the next date I am gonna open a restaurant too!


life has a price

I just found these articles today after having spent the weekend telling my friends that it’s unrealistic to think that here we all earn a fortune, cause the costs are high as well. I pay a rent double than i had in lucerne and my compulsory health insurance shrinked to the minimum possible, costs as much as my monthly abonament for the train. A pizza take away costs 15 CHF while if you sit goes up tp 19. In italy it cost even 4 EURO somewhere, which means that with the exchange rate as it is now, is at least 3 times more here! Zurich is second most expensive city of the world after Oslo while is at the 8th place as costs of living for the expats.



club est europa

Sembra l’inizio di una di quelle barzellette che mi facevano raccontare sempre da bambina: ci sono “un italiano, un francese e un tedesco”; solo che questa volta ci sono una italiana, una ungherese, una lituana e una polacca in un venerdì sera mondano. Un locale pieno di gente buttata lì a casaccio, senza un senso preciso. Ecco l’ungherese che per prima riceve delle attenzioni: “Oh, hai un bellissimo taglio di capelli!” le fa; “Ma chi sei un parrucchiere?!”. Passa un uomo di due metri e c’è qualcuno che non può fare a meno di pensare all’ex. Siccome nel club dell’Est Europa la lingua ufficiale è l’inglese, in fila al guardaroba la polacca capta un lungo botta e risposta tra due tedeschi che commentano su loro quattro, e alla fine gli dice: “State attenti, perchè qui capiamo tutte il tedesco!” Bella figura. Italia ovviamente, come al suo solito, porta a casa un insistente invito a ballare con un afro-mediterraneo. Fa sempre colpo sulla pelle scura lei che è cosi esoticamente biancolatte. Al giovedì lo stesso posto è pieno di business man e uomini della finanza di Zurigo, 80% stranieri dato che la serata si chiama “cosmopolitan”. C’e un austriaco in abito che sis cola un miscuglio di almeno 4 bottiglie di alcool diverse versato dal barista su di una piramide di bicchieri a coppa martini a cui peraltro viene dato fuoco mentre lui trangugia con la cannuccia (si dovrebbe chiamare flaming lamborghini). Il barista che dice di essere pure suo amico gli fa: “Ti do tempo 10 minuti e poi non stai più in piedi!” Beh, bell’amico, allora io inizio a contare sull’orologio per vedere il sup tracollo al count-down e lui mi d ail suo indirizzo, così lo posso portare a casa. Ovvio: vive nel quartiere 1, c’era da aspettarselo e chissà quanto guadagna. Ma non sono queste le cosec che ci impressionano, a noi del club.