Morire aspettando… L’amore nei paesi ricchi

C’é gente che é morta aspettando…
Sono giunta alla conclusione che i paesi ricchi sono posti sfavorevoli alle relazioni sentimentali. 14036845-salute--amore-verso-la-ricchezza
Deve essere cosí se ci pensate. Prendete la Svizzera. Se sei ricco e hai tutto e ti compri le cose che vuoi, perché dovresti sbatterti per conquistare qualcuno o faticare per far funzionare un rapporto? I paesi ricchi viziano le fondamenta dei compromessi sentimentali e rendono pigri. E guardate che dico ricchi per dire, cioé non serve essere milionari, ma questo é un posto dove la gente sta bene, si può permettere di viaggiare e togliersi molti sfizi senza troppe preoccupazioni. Non sono neanche tanto attaccati alla famiglia, e questo per me non è altro che una conferma di questa teoria. Ragioniamo per estremi, vi va? Facciamo un po’ di bungee jumping della mente. Allora la povertà é ovvio che spinge a socializzare no? Perché le famiglie povere sono strutture socialmente forti, microorganizzazioni votate alla sopravvivenza, si fanno tanti figli, si sta insieme perché bisogna. E così forse, se volete, si impara anche che a volte ci sono cose necessarie. La ricchezza invece spinge all’individualismo estremo, all’autosufficienza al non-bisogno, alla non-voglia. Penso di aver visto sufficienti giovani uomini che escono in gruppo esclusivamente per stare tra di loro. E non é che ci sia niente di male a voler stare coi propri amici, però prendete il maschio medio italiano: non perderebbe mai una occasione per rimorchiare, anzi venderebbe sua nonna e tutto il gruppo gli farebbe da spalla. Invece qui é così, escono per stare tra loro, al massimo ti guardano ma non vengono mai a parlarti. Se ci vai tu invece danno per scontato che ci andrai a letto. Oppure che li vuoi sposare. Non esiste una dimensione del “conosciamoci, scambiamoci il numero”… Gli svizzeri non chiedono il numero e se si, forse giusto per cortesia perché per la maggior parte degli uomini (codardi) é piú facile fingere e dirti una balla piuttosto che essere onesti e dire: “è stato bello, tanto non ti chiamerò mai…”. Io mi sono abbastanza rotta le scatole della gente che dice cose che non pensa. Ma chi te lo ha chiesto? Pensi di farmi un favore? Invece no! Vivo in un mondo frustrato in cui é quasi impossibile capirsi perché la comunicazione é tremendamente falsata. Cioé immaginatevi: voi credete di parlare una lingua e che se dite A uno risponda B. E invece ricevete Z, X, W, qualche K forse… che poi nel mio alfabeto neanche esistono! E vi trovate esterrefatti dalle circostanze. E poi é estenuante oltre che perplimente.
Insomma facciamo che io sono un tipo con un buon lavoro, mediamente belloccio, un appartamento, una donna delle pulizie, un super grill in terrazza, una macchina, un conto in banca che non piange ma anzi é piuttosto ottimista, i miei amici che sono come me, i miei interessi, sono mega fit e sportivo, viaggio e mi diverto. A me una donna non serve, non mi viene neanche il dubbio che mi manchi qualcosa, in più so anche stirarmi le camicie! E le giovani donne intorno sono altrettanto e si snobbano a vicenda.
Un mio amico ha chiesto a una che ora fosse, fuori da un locale, e lei lo ha guardato malissimo, quasi gli sputava in faccia, e senza dirgli la risposta ha solo detto: “Guarda che ho il ragazzo!”. Ecco a questi livelli.
E quindi veniamo alla seconda parte della storia che troverete presto qui (…)


Paris metro

Just came back from a 4 days weekend in Paris. Well, i wanted to go to London, but who can complain of handing up in Paris? While wandering around i was asking myself if this is the real romantic city or if this is just a clichè… Lately unfortunately the public manifestation of love bother me sensitively. I guess that is a form of jealousy and that whenever I am single -which part of me still believe is not a natural condition for the true me, something I am afficted by, like a disease- I will find this very annoying, Anyway Paris defenetly has something lovely and almost happily sickening… not sure if it derives from the architecture, from the tasty oportunities for the palate, from the history oozing from every piece of stone, from all of these together… Besides the fact that I have been strongly assaulted by two main things: the urine smell of the subway and the perfume of the boulangerie in the streets.

Anywa, one of the ideas that kept bouncing from one corner to the other of my skull, generated from my activity of observer-writer. I was sitting on the metro and relised how narrow are the seats there, with all the people pushing and pulling to get to sit. I was in a brasserie and relised how non-detached are the tables with the strangers eating almost from your own plate and listening to your intimate conversation. I find this human proximity quite special. My first reaction wasn’t so positive, then i started thinking how in CH the perseption of personal space is radically different. I would dare to say that in Switzerland there is a diffuse attitude towards politeness and good manners, but these stay ona very superficial level, people tend to be worried about being correct with the others and to expect the same, they expect everyone to observe the rules. On the other hand I found that in Paris there was more true solidarity, something that sounds like: “we are all sitting here, so close to each other; oh sorry, I am stepping on your feet, I am sitting on your coat, I almost fall on you while the train breaks… and in this forced neighbourhood, in this lesson that the city and the culture around us wish to teach us, we understand eachother, we accept each other.” I thought that in Switzerland there is in general more respect of the common living, more fairplay, a more clear distinction between private and public, but also more distance, which means less opportunity to get to (or to wish to) know your neighbour and thus less tolerance. So for once I was happy to get rid of my aseptic cover and to mix with the parisian multicolour crowed. This is the best feeling i bring home from these french days.

happy I was wrong and other news of the day…

Well, first of all a comment on the elections: i was quite smily face this morning when I opened the newspaper and saw a title like: THE SVP IS SURPRISED. Yes they lost territory. To be fair we have to say that also the SP (the quite left ones) lost votes, which means that there is a redistribution towards the center. The parties who gained most are quite new and this increased fragmentation will probably make things slower and more complex. That is probably good in difficult times just to go on and maintain things rather than being drastic. But with all the money spent by SVP and the immigration being such a sensitive topic latley, i was still surprised that more lower-key parties made this result!

To add a note about campaigns I red today that one of my previous subject of post (Mr Tarzisius Caviezel, see posts about marketing for dummies) was actually defeated, apparently all this effort for the massive campaign in the Swiss stations, for which he even mobilized a poor dead Ibex head to be hanged next to him, didn’t pay cause he missed his target! Apparently the communters he wanted to reach take the car and not the train!!! Isn’t it ironic -if you let me quote A. Morrisette-?!

Later in the day on on page 3 of my blick, after discovering that JLO started crying at her last concert during a love song, clearly overwhealmed by her recent breakup with her husband, I noticed this (beware, not that this came after JLO news, is just that I was reading backwards, i sometimes do, to feel a bit Japanese…):

The famous German radio channel ANTENNE BAYERN (my favourite German radio since the times I used to go by car from Verona to Kronach in a 7 hour journey to my boyfriend’s family) is facing a difficult choice. Daily the speaker uses to extract in a lottery a bill sent by the listener and to set the payment for them as a prize. The fact is that someone sent a bill for a an expensive men’s trip to Thailand (read sex tourism) and won the lottery. The speaker refused so far to pay the bill but may incur in a quite expensive legal litigation for breaking the lottery rules… Sometimes stick to ethic principle is costly, or rather I think that just following a coherent and honest idea is for sure not the cheapest way. I just hope that it can be proved that the lottery is valid only for “good” bills.

PS: This was an exercise: how to transform news in a post. Information is power. I see it everyday in my daily working routine (ok, is a different type of information, but in the core the concept is the same, the knowledge of something which lead the people to action). I guess people like me because I give them the news they need (is the meeting taking place? when?) or simply I make sure they know about something, or I care about using the info the right way (i discovered someone in Paris I occasionally work with had birthday today…). Information is fruitful.



marketing for dummies

My Marketing Friend Manager AW will forgive me for this post and may wish to correct the incorrectness or imprecisions in a comment below…

Anyway, recently i came across some weird banners, almost schocking I would say and i’ll bring here my thoughts to you.

First of all, is time for elections in CH again and as said, the station is covered by political banners promising to take care of us porr immigrant, in particular while the SVP just want to kick us out all immediately, the Liberal party has adopted a softer approach, at least at the Zurich main station, maybe because finally someone remembered that all the immigrants getting off the train bring also a lot of money to this country…

Well fo whatever reason they just state: EINWANDERUNG, HART ABER FAIR that is Immigrazione, dura ma equa, (Immigration, hard but fair). I was thinkingalso on how to translate the different shades of fair into italian… because to me it sounds all like a joke a bit, but this is another story.

To get where I want to take you we need to do another step and take the banner of Mr Caviezel Tarzisius:

Now, I saw the banner at first in the italian version (no idea why it was in italian in the ZHR station in fact, but it lastd only coule of days before it disappeared underneath a softer and more generalistic LPD banner) and it was saying something like : “stupisce per la sua competenza”. With a picture like this where clearly they want you to look at the poor ibex hanging on the wall, I am wondering if he is an expert in hunting steinbocks or what, if it was for me to vote in this country i would think that if he is competent he should sit behind a desk tidy but full of paper that he is studying to improve my country, not showing off in front of a dead animal! And obviously why did the party think that the deer was an essential message for this political campaign… Feel free to let me know…

Let’s go on to the second banner: the movie “Friends with benefits”. Well, if the movie wasn’t already explicit enough, they thought well of doing it very clear on the commercial:

So as you can see in this sequence, Justin is just miming his sexual appendix while approaching a very happy Mila representing the most famous “hole” of the human history. Do we really want to believe that she is saying: “yes, a male friend is fun” and he is replying: “you got it babe, you are the nicest…” Puahhhhhh Apparently there is also a censored version of the banner which i just discovered in internet. In this second version Justin is still perplex and clearly this time he does not really knoe where to point his hand so he touches his hair (a clear symbol of sexual seduction anyway) while Mila takes the hand close to her lips… But it seems like CH must be tollerant since on every newspaper and corner of the city the 2 actors have no shame of sort.

All this dumb marketing is rising a lot of questions in my head. Are we so lacking of creativity nowadays? I invite you to look around you, open the newspaper today and try to watch with a critical eye to a random picture or commercial… you might find it hilarious and outrageous like me if you just reflect. (and not because i am a bigot but because is so stupid!)

you are welcome!

Since about one week there is a new poster serie of SVP invading every corner, tram stop and advertising space of Switzerland. SVP comes back with its easy rethoric. A pre-packed way of thinking suitable for those who don’t want to think with their own heads and don’t want to get trapped into the complexity of nowadays society. SVP offers ideas brought at their extreme consequences, it’s all either black or white -actually for them is always black since balck is the color of everything representing the foreign, the immigrant, the strange.

It’s just represents in full the greek idea of demagogy: striving the people with rethoric speeches with the execuse of making their own good, while finding a scapegoat to all swiss troubles. (at least the few they have in comparison to the rest of collapsying Europe!)

All this it means it’s time soon for a new vote, a new referendum for the Swiss to decide on how to kick everybody out asap.

The funny or curious thing is that I noticed this poster firstly in the train station, while you just get off your train you face the hostility of this political party, at the same time if you turn your head at the other side you see another poster by Switzerland Tourism this time: picturing a great view of the Zurich lake with the profile of the Grossmuenster and a motto at the bottom: “great to see you!” Apparently we are welcome only for a short time, just the time to get poor in this country for a short visit, especially now with the exchange rate almost 1 to 1. You might think i make a fortune by living here…

If you think that here problems don’t exist, all is perfect and is a paradise on earth, just remember that is one of the right oriented country I know, and this means, when things get worst we will see them taking actions. I say this after a debate with a british friend after the riot distructions of the past days: if the UK has problems to face on re-educate its new generations and repair to the damages of a too generous welfare, is not alone, all EU countries have big troubles ahead, CHmight come soon to a time of political rigid right measures…

Chillion, Montreaux and Lausanne

If you regret that you have spent all Easter sunday sitting and eating, then come with me! Today I take you again to the western part of Switzerland.

Chillon is the most visited historical site in Switzerland and nonetheless in these 2 years and half I had never heard about it before my friend Kamile told me about it!!! Around 1100 was even under our dear Savoy dinasty. In any case the castle is represented and narrated in many paintings and literary pieces (Turner and Courbet for the paintings and Shelly, Dumas, Rousseau for the writing)  one above all is the one of Lord Byron (1816, the Prisoner of Chillon) who also engraved his name himself in the doungeon. The castle is very well kept and fully accessible.

In Montreaux we strolled along the lake Leman till we found the statue of Freddy Mercury who decided to spend the last years of his life her (but then actually died in London). Also Lonely Planet tells me that an episode which took place in Montreaux inspired their masterpiece “smoke on the water” when during a concert of Frank Zappa in 1971 a fan set on fire the casino… Music is indeed the symbol of Montreux thanks to the famous jazz festival which takes place here every summer. (I took a picture with Aretha Franklin for the occasion)

Lausanne is a nice place first of all because it carries my name inside his name! Here even Dickens and Elliott and Voltaire spent some of their time… if I think of Lausanne I can’t avoid remembering the famous Ecole d’hotellerie which gave us many trainees at the time of my tourism job, besided that it also hosts the headquarter of the Olympic Center. A bit desolated today, but still I keep on loving this french touch and the fact that just in 2 hours you can breath  totally new air. At least Starbucks is always open.

At the moment, quite exhausted after this tour de force and already in my cosy trainers, I am drinking a Kriek a Belgian beer with aroma of cherry which i recommend you. Good night.

a swiss day, like today

Well, finally i managed to do today things i was postponing and delaying since months. When you need to start over from yourself I find it always a good thing to start with something you left pending for some time, is really like pushing a big rock finally down a hill… and after that there is more space for new things. So i got up and took half morning free to go to the bank, the post etc… But above all I did apply finally for a swiss driving license! In any case my italian one would expire in october and i had a shock when i saw that because i cannot think that 10 years have passed since i first drove a car! I mean 10 years 10! seriously? So i gave it away even if I am out of the limit basically every foreigner resident in switzerland should change it within one year and for me already 2 and half have passed! I go at the counter and decide to bribe the man. I see he has a sign on his desk that says: “please speak hochdeutsch”. I think: perfect he is my man! i have to tell all the time to the people to speak proper german with me… So in the end I discover he is a nice exchange worker from the west part and with some smiles and explanation he says I can get it without passing the test again. Then all proud I took a train and got to the office at 11.15, what a relax. Yeah right, then i was working till 18.50 anyway… but the point is the result i achieved today is great! I get to the station and decide to jump on the very random first train to Zurich and then I realize it is a super slow S train but also that this train goes in the opposite direction of my regular train home, which means is doing a super round to get to Zurich from nord instead of from south. well i think nevermind, I would never get to see wonderful places like: Knonau, Mettmenstetten, Affoltern am Albis and Bonstetten (just the names are amazing!) which are all so green and so deep in the swiss country spirit. In 40 min ride i basically get to see all the animals of the farms: sheeps, cows, horses… but also a nice naked man who is simply standing in his balcon which faces the railways, and he of course does not mind at all, but enjoys a lot instead! Everything is a bit weird today, there is a nice smell of cows and grass and nature, all so close by. this is why I like switzerland. Just this morning i got to do so many administrative things that everywhere else take ages… On the train there is Czeck woman (i can clearly say thanks to my eastern european know how) with a super sweet dog a bassett type with a bit curly fur… normally I don’t like bassetts but this one just has something while he looks straight into my eyes. Maybe it’s a sign, in that moment the controller comes and as if by magic -of course- by checking my abo discovers that I should not travel that route… “Miss it would be 80 CHF, but for this time…” You know what i noticed? In switzerland there is a general feeling of trust when you purchase something you can pay it afterwards… and I think in Italy it could never work. but on the other hand also the system is very strong and they can track you down because they collect all the information possible on you and the state is very close to the people in this sense. They love rules but above all they love to explain rules!!! It happends everyday to see that if someone (a foreigner most probably) is breaking a rule someone else (a swiss) will come and even if he’s totally not involved or affected by this, would just remind you that you should not and explain you that you are going against the beloved system! You can’t do the laundry or cut the grass on a sunday because the noise disturb the neighbours… but sundays are the perfect days, because are your damn free days to do all the things you have no time to do! Anyway in a day like this is all acceptable and I remember strongly why I like to be there. A day in which I have the feeling that nothing special happened, but a sequence of very particular things instead…

volvo commercial: a swiss edition car OR that is how powerful swiss cows are