I hate S. Valentine

San Valentino was a poor bishop of the 1st century who was beheaded at the venerable age of 97. And that’s all. Even for a martyr he had it not too bad.

dryiconsTell me what is there to celebrate today? I truly believe that love is something that does not need a special day to be remembered, cause if you love someone everyday is a celebration, love is everywhere and should be in anything around us. But, the real reason why I hate San Valentine’s day is because is the feast of a minority. Feast days should not be discriminating among human beings!!! Furthermore because singles deserve as much love as the others, or more, even! Come on especially nowadays singles rule the world!

Therefore I frown at all the flowers which will be circulating tomorow increasing the production of CO2 in the environment; at all the chocolate that will be eaten and then transformed in fatty cells in the woman’s tighs so that she can blame him for having given her a sign of this love (in the end I almost could conclude the theory with LOVE= makes you fat!), at all the jewellery that will be bought and then end up unused (cause when you break up you can’t wear it anymore! Believe me and the beautiful pearl pendent with my name hand written by a chinese artisan in micro charachters, which lies at the bottom of my jewel box abandoned!!!). I frown at all this consumption of goods which transforms in consumption of the precious and beautiful and meaningful things which feelings are, in the end.

Yes ok, you say maybe I am just another unhappy sour single… But even as a coupled-person I hated this day. I hate that we need to feel obliged to do something about it, as a social imposed rule.

Whatever! I am going out celebrating with my friends, which are the most important love filling up my life at present time.