Dear Farage,

Do you remember the IWW, and then the II? 

Do you remember Churchill?

Do you remember why this was the only option for our continent in order to survive and progress?

Your country was one of the founder of the EU, if i recall no one actually obliged you to join, you actually voted in another referendum long time ago to opt in (at your own rules of course).

This is why i laugh at your Brexit speech. You decleared the UK Independence Day!

Come on! It’s annoying! 

After you have been economically profitting from your nomination at the EU Parliament, it’s like biting the hand where you ate.

Do you recall all the countries that joined in the recent years (the former Eastern block); the emotions and excitments of those countries that finally were able to vote to come and join our deal? 

And now what? Let me ask you.

Ah, there is no plan.

You just disgusted me and all the people that understand a bit how big this is.

I had dreams. I might have been an idealist. But that was part of being young, when I chose European Politics for my master degree. So I know what I am talking about. You are not going forward, you are not taking back your pride nor your greatness.

And by the way did your kids (2 of which are mixed blood, because your second wife is German isn’t it a bit strange?) take part to the Erasmum Program???

You will be proved wrong, but that will be too late for all of us. 

I am worried, we should all be.


2 risposte a “Brexit

  1. (Daring to continue…)

    And yes, EU is not perfect. Economics union arrived (too?) much before people union.

    But yet… things have to start from some common points. The rest arrives. For the patient ones…

    Ah sorry. Your sons have your money… traveling Europe for them will be easy. Erasmus is for the “sfigati” without enough money to stay in London by themselves.

    But please take a minute to think that division is the illness of modern human beings.
    I do not agree with you so I start my own business, party, charity.
    Too difficult to find an agreement.

    And going on with divisions… you remain alone.

    Everyone of us is in perfect agreement with himself.
    But joy is another thing. Joy comes from sharing.

    Ah, Mr Farage. Not all the people in disagreement with others make divisions.
    Some of them try to conquer the world to impose their idea.
    If you ask to Winston Churchill, he can describe one man like these he met before WW2.
    I hope for you that Mr Churchill does not think you are similar to that notorious guy.



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