Milano – my pill of italy

I have never liked Milan that much: is polluted, too often grey, too hot in the summer, too humid, infested by mosquitos and with melted asfalt on the sidewalk. If you look at it is quite ugly with all those huge fascist buildings. Anyway destiny decided that in my Swiss life, Milan became my italian shelter, a place not too far where i could sort of bring back to life my feeling of home. When i left for a short Italian transfer I get to remember some basic things that misteriously i kept forgetting while living abroad. I think is a mechanism of the brain that buries certain things we can’t have so that their absence doesn’t get too painful. For example, is absurd I know, but I do forget how it feels to understand the poeple around me without making an effort! And i do forget that if I make comments about them they do understand me! (better watch out and shut my mouth!). I do forget how good the coffee is. In Italy even the crapiest bar can make good espresso, or at least much better than any CH one. I forget that people are very friendly and even if nothing works in my country, you end up starting a conversation at the bus stop, at the bakery, at the traffic light… I also do forget about the joys of shopping as in Italy we just have nicer stuff and besides all those big brands we have small local shops with italian minor labels, and above all we have weekly street markets! I do forget that just a smile can put you in trouble, as flirting is a serious thing there! When away, I do forget how men look at women in Italy. I do forget how much good food we have, how cheap and how tasty.
Believe me or not, I know someone that drives to Milan every two weeks with a portable fridge in the trunk just to go food shopping!!!

I just wanted to write about this because there is a unique feeling that I have each time I arrive at Stazione Centrale. Even now that I finally live in Italy again. Milano, you get to be my personal pill of Italy.



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