Talk to your plants!

It might sound so simple that is actually ridiculous, but… do you actually talk to your plants???

I recently read about a lady who never really had a green thumb, but was still keen on trying and growing plants at home, but still she had so many difficulties… Then, one day when she was a bit more hopeless than on other days, she started talking to one of her plant asking it why wasn’t it feeling good, why wouldn’t it like to make some pretty flowers for her…. And then it happened! The plant quickly recovered and bloomed like there was no tomorrow!

So, immediately after I read this story, I turned to my orchids and I started talking to them as well (they look ok, they usually do few flowers here and there, but nothing too impressive…) so I gave them the weekly bath and then told them that I would like them to make more flowers because they are so beautiful! And both of them after 2 weeks started sprouting a new stem which is now charged of blossoms!

Even if you don’t believe any of this, I am just saying… WHY NOT? I mean everything that is a “common belief” but does no harm; I find it a good belief, so I usually try it. And I started realising that in our daily-extra-busy-routine, we forget about the simple things too often. I mean how many of you do actually take the time to grow something, observe it, take care of it and just wonder on the magic of nature? I am looking at these flowers every day now when I come home, and they make me so happy. And this is such a simple thing, that it’s indeed ridiculous, but wonderful.

I was thinking lately that Nature is so powerful and so silent, so magnificent and so shy, so majestic and so discreet. Take some time to look around yourself, I am sure you are going to be impressed just like me of something beautiful that you were ignoring…

To complete this story, after seeing it at my friends’ place, I have also started last week my experiment of growing an avocado plant from the stone. It might take about 2 months before it’s fully transformed into a real plant and I am already excited!

Why don’t you try it as well?

References here.


2 risposte a “Talk to your plants!

  1. Pensavo che è bello passare nei posti abbandonati, rivivere l’aria che si respirava: un po’ come questo blog.
    Chissa l’avocado quanto è cresciuto.


  2. si e cresciuto molto! …non e abbandonato il mio blog, e solo che ogni tanto ho dei periodi di non scrittura! grazie di essere passato!


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