Dine with the Danes

I was in Copenhagen with my Spanish friend few years ago in March, and I found out on the guide book about this amazing initiative. So we contact them and booked our dinner for two at home of some Danish people.

We got to their apartment with a city train, a sort of a super modern monorail metro that fully automated and that had no driver.

A blond couple in their 30ies opened the door and welcomed us. She is a lawyer, he is an engineer and in his free time he brews homemade beers and makes honey. They told us about how they just bought some bees in the countryside.

We ask about traditional Danish food, which naively it is what we expected to eat, but they say there isn’t as much traditional food as we have in Italy for example, or anyway they don’t bother cooking these kind of meals, they rather enjoy eating asian food, so that’s what we got for dinner. But it was a delicious 3 course dinner. We chatted about travels, places, holodays, politics, food, our countries and played with their little talking parrot.

They have a wonderful apartment totally modern and that perfectly express what I thought about Danish design.

Before leaving they recommend us going to a secret american coktail bar, one of those that is not signalised and you just can access knocking at a black door and saying a password before taking some stairs to the underground. It was so cool, totally in Prohibition time style.

Nowadays I still think about this experience as one of the most surprising meeting I had during my travels. People are just generous and open. I mean, today how many people out there would bea really in to welcome in their house some strangers and cook for them?!

If you ever happen to visit Copenhagen -which by the way is an outrageously pretty city- make some plans to arrange your own dinner withe the Danes.





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