the end of the world

If you are reading this post it means we did not die.

Thank God. And now don’t start blaming the Maya because they did not actually say that. They were just counting a period of time, like an era, so for them last night was just like when we celebrated New Years eve of 2000. In any case I hope you all took the opportunity to revise your lives at this stage, look back, and do something good to fix what was waiting to be fixed since too long. I knew we were not going to die, but then I thought, really, even if we do we can’t do anything about it. So I really enjoyed the last month!!!

Wishing you great holidays, bring the lesson with you.

(I am still wondering why did we spend so much time in producing documentaries and news about something that did not happened! Seriously especially online news are creepy… but still make me laugh. This one is grotesque: we will die per time zones!!!

Then I saw on facebook someone saying: in Australia is already the day after, so chill out!)

Ligabue, one of my fav italian singers, understood this all, long time ago with his song “A che ora è la fine del mondo?”!


Una risposta a “the end of the world

  1. uffa… ho talmente ignorato la cosa che non ho preso l’occasione per fare una “revisione” della mia vita… vorrà dire che la faccio in queste ferie!

    intanto buone feste a tutti!!!

    l’originale della canzone è dei R.E.M., e si intitola come il tuo post!


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