chatting Lau – dating Lau

So in the end, considering all discussed previously, I rolled out the first part of “the experiment” and joined Badoo a social network with an iphone application which focuses on connecting people in the same area through gps localization for friendship and dates… the reality is that 97.8% of people look for casual sex. Needless to explain how I reached this conclusion, first of all is enough to look at the pictures that some people post on it. But as you know me, you will know there is a funny side of this story coming up as usual. Let’s give for granted that the target is to appeal more women possible and let’s examin together how. One element is for example the choice of nickname: surprisingly there are some guys who probably think that is appealing to a girls’ mind to give themselves names such as: asshole, or even more that women are attracted by clearly addicited people who post pictures of themselves drinking and smoking like there is no tomorrow! “Yes! -she would say- he is perfect! Look how much he can drink and how cute he looks when he is drunk!”. Not to mention awful pictures all blurred or simply just not good (aside from the beauty of the subject). Then you have the group of the hot gymbuilt buffed machos posting extensive slices of their abs, biceps, shoulders, with torsos as wide as a fitted modular Ikea wardrobe!

I am honestly stuck half way between esteem and revulsion for those daredevil men between 40 and 55 who try to chat me up with fabulous and incredibly creative opening statements… keep on wondering how much do they really believe they have concrete chances? I wish I could meet those who answer… or maybe not!

The conversation with Mr serial-girlfriend-cheater went more or less like this:

(…) since when have you been single? – 1.5 years and you

I have a girlfirend… – and are you happy?

so so, but I like to flirt… does it bother you that I have a girlfriend? – but what’s the purpose?

we can meet? – as friends…

well, we can have fun… – I don’t think I am the right one!

yes, why not? – END OF THE CONVERSATION.

Then came the Portuguese who wanted to absolutely talk on the phone. I start thinking: isn’t it weird to talk on the phone with someone you have never even seen? I mean if you text it’s still ok, you can escape, you can filter a lot of stuff, you can take time… but on the other hand might be interesting. So he starts far away: I would like to meet someone to do nice things together, go to the cinema, go for a walk… (and all the things for which a girl would start melting down thinking oh so sweet…) yes we could go for a drink once… but you know if I come all the way to the city… and I am like:” …Excuse me, are you suggesting we shall have sex when we haven’t even never seen eachother???” Oh but you can see my pictures! 😉 WHAT??? a part from the fact that maybe 55% of the people post fake pictures or pictures of when they were 28, fully equipped with hair and 15 kilo less; but isn’t there much more than the static appearance in the reciprocal magic of attraction? What if you come all the way here and then I see you and start thinking: well, you behave like a beast! Or you open your mouth and you make me wish I was deaf? I mean what about manners, gestures, behaviours, smells, glimpse, smiles, warmth, proximity, details, charm, romance? What about all the rest? Closed another conversation, a bit horrified, and started thinking I was abnormal…

to be continued…



Una risposta a “chatting Lau – dating Lau

  1. Ok, ritiro tutto quello che ho detto sul lasciare spazio al caso……. se questo Badoo rappresenta il caso direi che ncs… (non ci siamo – nun ce stamo) 😀


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