Buona notte italia


I love football. When the national team plays. When i feel i lost 10 years of my life due to too much stress within 130 min. When italy can surprise me. I love good fair games – and even more fair results! I love that we owe a lot to a player who has black skin but is more italian than many others! I love that those ignorant racists that want him out, when he scores they have to shut up their mouths. Or what? If we win because of his goal we are gonna refuse it??? I love football when is far away from bets and fake results and scandals. And even if the players are somehow criticable and have controversial behaviours, please let them do their job. They entertain 60 million people. A whole country in huge economic difficulties forgets everything and find hope and happiness in one night! This is something so powerful that of course needs to be used carefully. And in the end, honestly, if a player declears bullshit against gay people, do we really have to care? If the whole national league would marry less showgirls or would have a university degree would that really make a difference for the game? Let them play and let’s better get shocked when some politician do crap instead. Buona notte italia. Love it!

– my first iphone post, testing wordpress app!-



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