bis-sex-tile year, 29th February 2012

Today is a day which does not really exist. Is matematically the sum of some spare hours and minutes of our past 4 years life. Is like preparing a dish with left overs. In the end of course put all in to the oven and it can result in a great thing (like an italian pasta al forno as my grandma used to do, for example)! Is a magic day somehow. Is the collage of forgotten pieces, instants that we did not live, moments we forgot. And here we put them all together. Is a great patchwork of emotions, potentially. But how many of you thought of it in these terms? Today I tried to condense a lot of emotions in my day. Especially I looked back at those neglected minutes. I sat and stayed in silence. I felt. I heard. I experienced. Then I collected all of it. Is like when you postpone something for long, which finally you have to face. Maybe is an effort at first but then is a relief. All those discarded feelings, and hours, and inner voices I ignored. All here today. The last 365 days actually where quite dense of those. All ghosts which are not scary anymore, no pain, no regret. Page turned.

I was reborn on February 29th.Immagine


Wikipedia told me that in Ireland women may propose marriage only on leap years. I discovered it too late, now is already 22.24 and I did not find a husband. Fiuuuuhhhh I can give myself another 4 years! That’s a great excuse.

Only in Sweden, the year 1712 had also February 30th. Now someone explain me how did they do it. And also when did they cancel one normal day so that they could catch up with the rest of the world afterwords. But above all: WHY?!

Anno bisestile thanks to the Romans means litterally a year where the 6th day (before the March calendae, so In February) is repeated twice (bis), and they used to put it after the 24th.

Best wishes to all the leapers today. A very special and loud Happy Birthday, which may count for 4.

If you ask me, I elect 29th of February the international day of bi-sexual people. Don’t look at me: is in the name! Even though tolerance should be celebrated a bit more often…



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