the hermit crab (la pagura)

I guess critics come with exposure, so I shall accept them normally. I was thinking about that recently, the context is related to some small events I organised for glocals ( – the expat web community of Zurich and other cities in CH), which apparently are succesfull and beloved… and criticised. It’s funny sometimes to see how people can freak out about stupid small details, but also a bit worrying, if you ask me. Instead of making a fuss about how wrong you think I do it, why don’t you just do it yourself???

I am fine with critics, but I ponder over them and I listen to them, is not that I can say i don’t care.  Anyway wandering around in the land of my thoughts i was trying to find a good metaphor for my state of mind and there, on the beach of my immense sea of fantasy i met a hermit crab! There you go! I am like you.  (Let’s just remember that one of the most famous specimen in history of this crustacean family is Mr Sebastian from the Little Mermaid -Disney, so something to be proud of if you are as wise as him!) I never leave my mobile house of sorrows, thoughts, believes and fears, but I do go out, I exit from it from time to time and look outside. Being a hermit crab gives you the opportunity to explore a bit without getting lost. Makes me feel safe but free. I like to be exposed, I like to be appreciated, i like to be seen, I like to be read (especially). And comments come with it, it’s a fact. But then sorry, today i am just going to bow out, recede into my house-shell and give ground to the criticisers for once.

MARINE DIGRESSION- Rapidly calculating that as a kid in the about 500 hours I spent snorkeling every summer of my childhood, I met a lot of them. Actually there were several summers in which i used to fish lots of limpets (patelle) and then crack them with my nude theeth and either eat them after a little wash up in the salty water or release them open again in the sea, to see all the fish coming and devouring it. Then there were the days of the jellyfish hunting, but not every summer though, cause the moe or less presence depended on the water temperature. Anyway there was a year there were so many that we almost could not swim, or could swim only super vigilant wearnig goggles with goggling eyes inside. And the water was trangely stinging just swimming nearby all those jellys… Then we used to fish them out and bury them in the sand.

For the records – I found plenty of forums that discuss if Sebastian is a loabster or a crab. I obviously decided he is a crab.


Saluti ai miei amici marinari di vongole e merluzzi.


4 risposte a “the hermit crab (la pagura)

  1. Yes, I get hassle from the criticizers too! I think your post sums it up, the hermit crabs have it right. See you at the next event! And Laura, your writing has brightened up my day. 🙂

  2. Ciao Laura! Mi piace molto questo testo, e per ringraziarti, ti segnaliamo tramite il nostro blog ai nostri lettori 😉 La confortante intimità di questo “studio in rosso” è sempre un porto sicuro sia per le vongole che per i merluzzi.

    onore a te, Pagura 😉


    Vongole & Merluzzi

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