Even when you are not really in the mood because for example, like in my case, you have spent all December running around, a very intense month of work and movements… which finally leads you landing in Venice on 22nd of December without having even realized that Xmas is now, and also that you didn’t buy any present yet!

Even when you wish to be a child again cause nothing can’t be magical anymore as an adult, except if you go to Eurodisney!

Even when you don’t feel at all the good spirit spreading in the hearts around, cause you hear repeated constantly in the media there is a Crisis with capital C, economy is bad, too much poverty and war on this earth…

Even when there is a mayor strike and your train is cancelled and all the people reverse on the only one running, an epic “train of hope” with all the emigrants going back home standing, squeezing, full of bags suitcases and panettoni… the true “journey of hope” on reverse.

Even if you wake up in the worst mood possible then you think of last year –the very first and only Xmas you did not spend at home, and how much you missed it all, including the clichés and the paradoxes…

in the end, these are all the reasons I could find why you discovered again is always worth spending Xmas it at home:

My mum that this year decorated our lamp in the living room pretending is our Xmas tree, is our Xmas abat-jour: shall I put my presents underneath the lamp??? I see how much she tries, though… for me.

My mum calling up all the relatives and suddenly she switches into Sicilian accent (but my mum is not the Sicilian side of the family!).

Eating the left overs while preparing dozen of tartine (appetizer canapes), something I can remember eating since I was a kind and only exclusively for Xmas eve.

Spending from 11 am till 18 pm into the shopping mall for the greatest shopping of the year: I feel like I robed Sarah Jessika Parker wardrobe!

Spending the day in my pyjama, wrapping presents and then forgetting for whom they are while taking my laptop from one room to the other with the xmas playlist playing in loop.

My best friend calling up and introducing me and all the singles she knows in town in one long evening to cheer me up over the holidays.

Driving a car for hours round and round looking for a parking, something you can enjoy as much as I do only if you don’t drive for the remaining 360 days of the year!!!

Arguing with my sister because I find her being earlier after 30 years of her life being always late; and this time I am late cause I gave for granted she was too, but I am the most punctual person on earth…

Thinking about the time I was working under Xmas as a shopping assistant and thanking God that I don’t have to do this anymore.

Meeting my first love and discovering he starts growing grey hair, find it very familiar but also totally stranger at the same time, laughing out loud for so funny we still find each other and for all the time that has passed.

Thinking what to wear not just to be elegant but mostly because we are going to wait for midnight drinking wine out in the streets of the udinese osterias with -2 degrees.

Wherever you are, and especially if you are or simply feel away from that place called home even if you phisically are there, my best wishes to you all!




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