digital relationships

I just finished to label und subgroup all my facebook friends (499 currently) into categories… It took me hours. Not only I was postponing this massive operation since months, but I found it quite strenuous to decide who goes in which category. Things change, in fact, quite a lot… quite fast… all the time…


Today is somehow the day of digital relationships. in the middle of my online flight purchse the website refuses my credit card, not once, but several times, then it refuses also the second card in a quite outrageos way… then i see a link appearing saying “troubles with payment: contact us!”.  And suddenly a magic windows pops up in front of me and asks me to explain my issue. After 2 seconds someone called “Toni” at the other side, picks up my call and starts chatting with me! “Hello! I am Toni, I will help you with your purchase”, and then he says: “I see you want to go to Paris at 8.35 right?” I remain a bit astonished -where does he sees that??? – either he is a super hacker who just took posession of my computer and with it of all my private data, or is a real customer support guy of the airline… We go on chatting a bit and then he asks me if I want to buy the ticket in the end. Me: “Well, but sorry, do i have to give my credit card details to you? Are you safe? How do i know?… -Yes, I understand, you seem a bit sceptical, would you like me to call you? – I haven’t been asked this questions in years!!! No guys apparently felt like calling me lately! So there i go: Yes Toni call me up! Right here, right now! And I didn’t even have to give him my number! Cause apparently he retrieved it among all the other secret info he already had about me… +34… he really calls from Spain… “Hello, it’sToni…” in a beautiful spanish accent… In the end he manages to conquer my trust and also a piece of my heart and i dictate to him my numbers. In a turnaround of 5 seconds i recieve my booking via mail. I type: “Well Toni is your job chatting with people all day???” he replies that sounds funnier than it is, Toni is writing from Barcelona… My head is a rhapsody of images… “Contact us in the future if you have more issues” … “Well Toni thank you for your help, if I ever have a problem I will ask about you only again, have a nice day” And for one sec I also see Toni purchasing a brand new keybord with my credit card, but it disappears pretty quickly…

How random is all this? I mean I suddenly find myself chatting with an exotic stranger who knows where I want to go travelling and anything relevant about me, just before disappearing again into my hard disk. Puff, gone, my 5 min chat latin lover. I have to say that the airline had a good idea with this tool, very personal, almost too much that i developed a sort of affection for Toni. He was understadning and patient with me more than many other guys I met recently; in fact he couldn’t really blame me for being a bit hesistant in giving away my credit card details to a stranger in a chat… So if this ever happen to you, be aware is actually a new safe customer support system.

I was about to ask Toni out (still quite ambitious Zurich-Barcelona) when I realized that conversation might be recorded somewhere…


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