the fight power

Fight power is my new favourite sport class. In Italy we used to do the same but actually hitting a boxe bag (known as FIT BOXE), which makes it even more interesting cause at the time I used to focus a lot on the face of my university professor and manage to get rid of a lot of bad feelings and actually train pretty hard on her cheekbones… It gives me a perfect illusion that if i’d get assaultet by a stranger at night in the street (in Switzerland???!!!) I would be able to kick his ass. (Actually the real secret i red somewhere is to do something totally unexpected like starting to laugh out loud in front of the aggressor, so to disorient him).

The Swiss probably did not discover yet the power of the boxe bag and want me to kick and punch the air. The result, i admit is still a good training, but surely not quite as satisfying. Anyway my class teacher is an Eastern european woman called Luba which perfectly embodies the stereotype of a hard, cold, mean and strict sergent! I love when she screams to me! But I love even more when she praises me cause i do good! I fell in love with the roundness of her biceps and she give us such a hard time with endless series of push ups and abs exercises that not even those poor 3 men attending our class can do them all, so then she goes: “Also Hallo Maenner!!!”.

example of a fit bear doing jumping jack

But yesterday it happened that Luba was absent and we got trained by a an old but quite fit man, for which i feel compassion. He tried to follow the series that we usually do, but he ended up being wrong, forgetting the sequence, starting with the wrong foot and counting too long or too short.

At certain point,

he relized the class was going on by itself and he said: “shall i leave?”…I was also about to leave, when at the thousenth repetition I almost fell asleep while jumping-jacking (doing jack jump), but then I thought how bad it has to feel to be the un-needed trainer in front of a class… If today I am surprisingly acking is probably because even though i just used 3 and half muscles of my body to do the same movement all night, while openly and unashamingly yawning, I did it enough time…



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