the hidden secret of bowling

Today I said 1 thing which I actually wrote down while saying in a mental yellow sticky post it of mind. I do sometimes to stick post it all over corners and walls of my brain, to remember things I want to write about or to freeze a moment.

Writers need stories to tell. And writers want to be read, of course (well, this is not so obvious to many people who actually write and don’t dare). I think this is the main reason why lately i am surrounded by so many great ideas coming from so many great international people. So I’ll steal this story now from my new friend Neil, who probably without even realizing it in one minute summed up a big truth. A theory about bowling which I find actually quite applicable to many other things… Neil, forgive me, i am going to share this with just the rest of the world (how modest am I, I actually don’t have yet so many followers!).

The hidden secret of bowling is that if you don’t play often, when you get there you just start throwing the ball and this gets you actually quite succesfull most of the time, at the point that you can actually win the first 2 games. At the third game, when you got your confidence back you start reasoning too much and planning a strategy and wishing to retune your rolling technique, and that’s actually exactly the point when you start to fail.

Well, now: first I can’t wait to play again (and obviously to wear those shoes where millions of feet have step in before you and they get you that “cosy” feeling of warm and humid when you wear them) and second I am going to watch out in my life how many times this rules comes true also in other contests.


Today I am also in status of “resistance to change”, I don’t want to change anything of my routines, but my singing day shifted from monday to tuesday which is very disappointing because monday was a perfect day to sing cause is a stupid day anyway to go out, right? Furthermore at the today reharsal we decided (they decided) to completly re-sing our Gloria Gaynor one tone lower, which means that alt will have to sing half what tenor was singing before and half alt lowered tone… For me that I can’t even read the notes is a nightmare since I already learned the song by heart and is going to mess up in my mind… probably the effect is going to be similar to a tornado which will then make all my mental post-it fly around. Therefore on my way home I stopped by the window of the pet shop at stauffacher: plenty of rabbits hopping and bouncing around to cheer myself up! They never sleep those true party pets!


One of coolest thing of posting is when i choose a picture for the subject and by typing rabbit + bowling you can actually find these kind of things: a perfect sinthesys. Unpredictable.


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