the “schnuegel” of the day

Seriously sometimes it takes just that to make my day. I exit the office, pick up the newspaper, embarque the train (I can’t understand why the 17.29 train is a crapy old train when is full of poor workers like me at that time!) and open the last page.

You shall know i am pretty sensitive to the view of rodents, in particluar all sort of rabbits, squirrels and to some amsters… When I say sensitive i mean that my heart can melt in 0.001 second and my eyes fill up with almost tears, I mean it, I get moved and I feel a crazy urge to do esponentially baby-talk towards the object (the newspaper in this case, sometimes a window’s shop). I feel sweet and I wouldn’t harm a fly, it kind of reset my inner mode to absolute goodness!

The “Schnuegel des Tages” -if a rodent, not those useless small size dogs- is my therapy!

And you? Don’t you have an animal for which your heart reaches fusion temperature instantaneously too?

Enjoy this adorable webblog I discovered:



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