happy I was wrong and other news of the day…

Well, first of all a comment on the elections: i was quite smily face this morning when I opened the newspaper and saw a title like: THE SVP IS SURPRISED. Yes they lost territory. To be fair we have to say that also the SP (the quite left ones) lost votes, which means that there is a redistribution towards the center. The parties who gained most are quite new and this increased fragmentation will probably make things slower and more complex. That is probably good in difficult times just to go on and maintain things rather than being drastic. But with all the money spent by SVP and the immigration being such a sensitive topic latley, i was still surprised that more lower-key parties made this result!

To add a note about campaigns I red today that one of my previous subject of post (Mr Tarzisius Caviezel, see posts about marketing for dummies) was actually defeated, apparently all this effort for the massive campaign in the Swiss stations, for which he even mobilized a poor dead Ibex head to be hanged next to him, didn’t pay cause he missed his target! Apparently the communters he wanted to reach take the car and not the train!!! Isn’t it ironic -if you let me quote A. Morrisette-?!

Later in the day on on page 3 of my blick, after discovering that JLO started crying at her last concert during a love song, clearly overwhealmed by her recent breakup with her husband, I noticed this (beware, not that this came after JLO news, is just that I was reading backwards, i sometimes do, to feel a bit Japanese…):

The famous German radio channel ANTENNE BAYERN (my favourite German radio since the times I used to go by car from Verona to Kronach in a 7 hour journey to my boyfriend’s family) is facing a difficult choice. Daily the speaker uses to extract in a lottery a bill sent by the listener and to set the payment for them as a prize. The fact is that someone sent a bill for a an expensive men’s trip to Thailand (read sex tourism) and won the lottery. The speaker refused so far to pay the bill but may incur in a quite expensive legal litigation for breaking the lottery rules… Sometimes stick to ethic principle is costly, or rather I think that just following a coherent and honest idea is for sure not the cheapest way. I just hope that it can be proved that the lottery is valid only for “good” bills.

PS: This was an exercise: how to transform news in a post. Information is power. I see it everyday in my daily working routine (ok, is a different type of information, but in the core the concept is the same, the knowledge of something which lead the people to action). I guess people like me because I give them the news they need (is the meeting taking place? when?) or simply I make sure they know about something, or I care about using the info the right way (i discovered someone in Paris I occasionally work with had birthday today…). Information is fruitful.




3 risposte a “happy I was wrong and other news of the day…

  1. Ciao Laura,

    just read your blog about your car ride to Kronach. I come from there also originally (like your boyfriend as it looks like). small world isn’t it? Maybe he knows me? it’s not such a big town, isn’t it? Best regards Andre B.

  2. Even if they lost power they hit almost a 25%
    So SVP remains the strongest party in Switzerland and 25% means that 1/4 of the smiley faces I see at work or at Coop are SVP electors.
    IMHO SVP lost some votes also because FDP ( LIberal party ) choosed to run separately.

    What really disappointed me was how this competition was unfair: all the stairs in HB had a SVP advertising at the end and even 20min and blick am abend not only had a huge amout of explicit advertising but they showed also a more subtle pro-svp tendency in the way articles were written ( ie when they attacked ON.Schultz from Germany as “the German who wants the swiss money” ) or even with the “clustering” adopted in reviewing the opinion of canditates they choose to call a couple of points “restricitve immigration” and “low & order” instead
    of “xenophoby” and “repressing regime”.

    Another poi that disapointed me was the absence of advertising from the Green party..( I just saw one on a newspaper in a month ) and they coice of refusing referring in their campaign to the Fukushima disaster.

    What suprised me in Switzerland was the existence of a Green-Liberal Party.
    I can’t understand how being Green ( is ecological respectful and caring about the environment ) could cope with pure competition and free market.


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