marketing for dummies

My Marketing Friend Manager AW will forgive me for this post and may wish to correct the incorrectness or imprecisions in a comment below…

Anyway, recently i came across some weird banners, almost schocking I would say and i’ll bring here my thoughts to you.

First of all, is time for elections in CH again and as said, the station is covered by political banners promising to take care of us porr immigrant, in particular while the SVP just want to kick us out all immediately, the Liberal party has adopted a softer approach, at least at the Zurich main station, maybe because finally someone remembered that all the immigrants getting off the train bring also a lot of money to this country…

Well fo whatever reason they just state: EINWANDERUNG, HART ABER FAIR that is Immigrazione, dura ma equa, (Immigration, hard but fair). I was thinkingalso on how to translate the different shades of fair into italian… because to me it sounds all like a joke a bit, but this is another story.

To get where I want to take you we need to do another step and take the banner of Mr Caviezel Tarzisius:

Now, I saw the banner at first in the italian version (no idea why it was in italian in the ZHR station in fact, but it lastd only coule of days before it disappeared underneath a softer and more generalistic LPD banner) and it was saying something like : “stupisce per la sua competenza”. With a picture like this where clearly they want you to look at the poor ibex hanging on the wall, I am wondering if he is an expert in hunting steinbocks or what, if it was for me to vote in this country i would think that if he is competent he should sit behind a desk tidy but full of paper that he is studying to improve my country, not showing off in front of a dead animal! And obviously why did the party think that the deer was an essential message for this political campaign… Feel free to let me know…

Let’s go on to the second banner: the movie “Friends with benefits”. Well, if the movie wasn’t already explicit enough, they thought well of doing it very clear on the commercial:

So as you can see in this sequence, Justin is just miming his sexual appendix while approaching a very happy Mila representing the most famous “hole” of the human history. Do we really want to believe that she is saying: “yes, a male friend is fun” and he is replying: “you got it babe, you are the nicest…” Puahhhhhh Apparently there is also a censored version of the banner which i just discovered in internet. In this second version Justin is still perplex and clearly this time he does not really knoe where to point his hand so he touches his hair (a clear symbol of sexual seduction anyway) while Mila takes the hand close to her lips… But it seems like CH must be tollerant since on every newspaper and corner of the city the 2 actors have no shame of sort.

All this dumb marketing is rising a lot of questions in my head. Are we so lacking of creativity nowadays? I invite you to look around you, open the newspaper today and try to watch with a critical eye to a random picture or commercial… you might find it hilarious and outrageous like me if you just reflect. (and not because i am a bigot but because is so stupid!)



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