you are welcome!

Since about one week there is a new poster serie of SVP invading every corner, tram stop and advertising space of Switzerland. SVP comes back with its easy rethoric. A pre-packed way of thinking suitable for those who don’t want to think with their own heads and don’t want to get trapped into the complexity of nowadays society. SVP offers ideas brought at their extreme consequences, it’s all either black or white -actually for them is always black since balck is the color of everything representing the foreign, the immigrant, the strange.

It’s just represents in full the greek idea of demagogy: striving the people with rethoric speeches with the execuse of making their own good, while finding a scapegoat to all swiss troubles. (at least the few they have in comparison to the rest of collapsying Europe!)

All this it means it’s time soon for a new vote, a new referendum for the Swiss to decide on how to kick everybody out asap.

The funny or curious thing is that I noticed this poster firstly in the train station, while you just get off your train you face the hostility of this political party, at the same time if you turn your head at the other side you see another poster by Switzerland Tourism this time: picturing a great view of the Zurich lake with the profile of the Grossmuenster and a motto at the bottom: “great to see you!” Apparently we are welcome only for a short time, just the time to get poor in this country for a short visit, especially now with the exchange rate almost 1 to 1. You might think i make a fortune by living here…

If you think that here problems don’t exist, all is perfect and is a paradise on earth, just remember that is one of the right oriented country I know, and this means, when things get worst we will see them taking actions. I say this after a debate with a british friend after the riot distructions of the past days: if the UK has problems to face on re-educate its new generations and repair to the damages of a too generous welfare, is not alone, all EU countries have big troubles ahead, CHmight come soon to a time of political rigid right measures…



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