zwa-nz-nz-nz-nzing jahre street parade

Here we go, is good to have a big event to look forward to after just 6 days from my return to life  (after such a wonderful holiday)… tension in the air, the organisation of the street parade had to insure the event against bad weather because after the last 3 years of ouring rain they couln’t afford another loss this year. In the end the sun shines thorugh all day and there is just a perfect temperature. My friend Julia is in town: just the perfect partner for this event. At 12.00 we are already on the road. Is still possible to walk and we can really have a look at the costumes of the people. it feels like some weirdos wait the whole year to get out of their holes and finally dress up as crazy as they can and finally have a day of freedom when no-one judges them. Above all of them stands in my personal chart an old 60-years old man walking proudly around totally naked if not for a mini red string which covers what is possible to cover in few centimeters of textile… that’s it, a lot of boobs, asses, bellies, a lot of flesh like i’ve never seen it before (because last year we all got soaked so much due to the rain, people where covered by umbrellas and raincoats…). At 13.02 we are up dancig at the main stage in Bellevue and immediately the amount of beer cans rises and rises. I am not schocked but still kind of impressed by the number of people taking pills all around me. I think: if you can’t find the ecstasy inside you to dance and enjoy it is indeed very sad… We walk and walk and push and squeeze from stage to stage from beat to beat… In these situations the good manners and the rules of social behaviours totally vanish, random people just keep on touching us with any possible excuse. What really ruins the atmospheare is the violence of many which gets so quickly fired up by the alchool and the angry beats. Therefore whenever you get to dance, you can’t really let it go cause you need to keep your attention focused all the time on the million of things going on around you…After some temptatives to find the right spot, we luckily end up at the stage of Boys Noize and this is such a perfect coincidence because it was in fact Julia who drag me about 2 years ago to Milano at the Magazzini Generali to a concert of them… -my first and only couch-surfing weekend adventure- Around midnight half of the city is covered by a carpet of undistinguished trash, garbage, bottles, cans, glass and of course urine and vomit… a sort of mystic post-war scenario in front of me. But here comes the swiss efficency and also it becomes quite clear why they can organize such events here: within few hours the city is basically all clean and shiny. With a special machine they even clean up the tram tracks from all the garbage so everything can go back to normal, while in the clubs the party goes on and on till the very late after hours. In fact on sunday night there is not much going on for those who did not have enough, or simply want to party on cause the 15th is a holiday (in the catholics cantons only!). Be careful, the worst day to swim in the lake of Zurich is infact the day after the parade. Slowly all the swans come back at the lake side, I wonder where have they been hiding during those crazy hours… Oh my legs are sore… I go home with the sweat of about other 50 people on me: never wished a shower so much in my life, but what a day! LOVE FREEDOM TOLERANCE & RESPECT.



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