the german weekend

4 days off. I jump on train at 7 AM when everyone else sleeps on the 2nd of June. A German train, seat reserved, comfortable, clean, fast. I arrive in Frankfurt and get assaulted by the amount of small food corners and sandwich shops, but the real shock is the euro. Not that I am in Germany for the first time, neither in Frankfurt actually, it’s just that I am getting used and absorbed by Switzerland and CHF. I change to a regional train direction Giessen, but comfort does not change. These new regional trains are even better than the IC! At 13.00 i am there and I remember everything of the first and last time I was here in June 2009. I look around in the station and I am already pretty satisfied from the view of quite handsome German boys. Seing my friend Marie is always very special. We met in Poland and have been like siamese twins for 6 months. She is more than a sister to me. the first time we said good bye years ago i was scared. Now i know that with some effort and a bit of geographical luck (since I moved to CH I am much closer) we can still be pretty close. She cooks for me even more italian style than myself could do! It’s maybe a clichè but in Germany we go to an italian icecream shop (Italians rein the business of pizza and icecream in the german speaking counries). Time for chat and stories and updates… and a walk in the botanic garden. We walk all around in a sort of bar hopping mood and end up sitting at the open air biergarten at the river: beer+sprite, aperol spritz, a weird greenish kind of beer called Berliner Kindl, sun and cigarettes, a perfect mix. Tomorrow is a big day because our tradition will be respected and celebrated: we always do something crazy together and go and get a new tattoo. What a coincidence that our guy is from Poland too! On friday Marie takes me to her parent’s house for her mum’s birthday. It’s good to see another side of Germay: life in a small village in the green Hessen countryside. Time for barbecue, kartoffelsalt, and family atmospheare. A smart sister who is about to choose and start her university. (I feel all the excitement and the doubts i also had, when the world is at your disposal, a real unique moment in life!) Young cousins, aunts, uncles, an active and talkative grandma and a grandpa smoking a vanilla tobacco pipe. What a nostalgic feeling of a big family reunion like this, of a grandpa who can teach you lessons you won’t learn anywhere else and a grandma who can tell you stories you won’t hear anymore nowadays. Such a good feeling. We go for a cabrio ride on Marie’s young brother’s new car. We tak talk talk. The weather make us change plans on saturday night after we have been inviting everyone to a nacht tanz demo which we don’t attend… we stay home instead and watch the movie about Ray Charles which triggers my urgent need of more soul music on my i-pod from this moment on! It rains outside, a true -and my frist for this year- summer thunderstorm, we are barefoot on the terrace, overlooking the courtyard, is quiet, the air is refreshing, just the sound of the water drops, the smoke of ur sigarettes and a peaceful feeling. The silence and peace of when you have a friend next to you and you perfectly know that you don’t need to say the unsaid, don’t need to explain the unspoken. As much for my German weekend with Marie.



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