Chillion, Montreaux and Lausanne

If you regret that you have spent all Easter sunday sitting and eating, then come with me! Today I take you again to the western part of Switzerland.

Chillon is the most visited historical site in Switzerland and nonetheless in these 2 years and half I had never heard about it before my friend Kamile told me about it!!! Around 1100 was even under our dear Savoy dinasty. In any case the castle is represented and narrated in many paintings and literary pieces (Turner and Courbet for the paintings and Shelly, Dumas, Rousseau for the writing)  one above all is the one of Lord Byron (1816, the Prisoner of Chillon) who also engraved his name himself in the doungeon. The castle is very well kept and fully accessible.

In Montreaux we strolled along the lake Leman till we found the statue of Freddy Mercury who decided to spend the last years of his life her (but then actually died in London). Also Lonely Planet tells me that an episode which took place in Montreaux inspired their masterpiece “smoke on the water” when during a concert of Frank Zappa in 1971 a fan set on fire the casino… Music is indeed the symbol of Montreux thanks to the famous jazz festival which takes place here every summer. (I took a picture with Aretha Franklin for the occasion)

Lausanne is a nice place first of all because it carries my name inside his name! Here even Dickens and Elliott and Voltaire spent some of their time… if I think of Lausanne I can’t avoid remembering the famous Ecole d’hotellerie which gave us many trainees at the time of my tourism job, besided that it also hosts the headquarter of the Olympic Center. A bit desolated today, but still I keep on loving this french touch and the fact that just in 2 hours you can breath  totally new air. At least Starbucks is always open.

At the moment, quite exhausted after this tour de force and already in my cosy trainers, I am drinking a Kriek a Belgian beer with aroma of cherry which i recommend you. Good night.


2 risposte a “Chillion, Montreaux and Lausanne

  1. Lauraaaa!! Che bello 🙂

    Maggio è un po’ complicato, ma a giugno organizziamo una tappa qua da me in Ticino, ok?
    Non vedo l’ora!

    Un abbraccio, Giuly

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