Henning’s theory

Money, Physical condition and Time are the three variables of this theory which really explains the course of the life of the modern human being. I am not going to waste time and will simply expalin the theory which speaks for itself:

  • When you have time and physical condition as a young individual, you have no money.
  • When you have money and physical condition as an adult, you have no time.
  • When you have money and time in your mature age, you have no more the best physical condition.

This axiom is so true for everyone who has a deep deisre to travel the world and go globetrotting from time to time… so what’s the sense of life then? Where are we all rushing to?

For me entering the worklife was a sort of release and i enjoyed not to study anymore. I enjoy in particular not to feel a constand underground pressure which accompanied my university years. I could do many things indeed but in the back of my mind I was always thinking about the exams to come. If i mange to exit the office at 5 pm nowadays, I just breath deeply and think: now it’s my time, what am I going to do now? I really leave all the worries behind, but I have to cope with the fact that this time is too short. On the other hand, it is also true that if you manage to go away even just from friday to sunday, the weekend magically has a flexion and appears to last sooooo much longer! I keep thinking about these things in these days: I look back and I am so happy I took the decision to quit Lucerne, I am so happy I had the courage to go travelling for 2 months. I defenetly will start planning my weekends ahead for this wonderful spring and go visit my friends scattered all over Europe.

WARNING this theory is unfotunately not universally valid, because for example, if you are a young italian you can find that at the end, at the time of your pension, you are still missing all the 3 variables at one time!!! So handle with care.

All rghts reserved to my friend Henning.



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