a swiss day, like today

Well, finally i managed to do today things i was postponing and delaying since months. When you need to start over from yourself I find it always a good thing to start with something you left pending for some time, is really like pushing a big rock finally down a hill… and after that there is more space for new things. So i got up and took half morning free to go to the bank, the post etc… But above all I did apply finally for a swiss driving license! In any case my italian one would expire in october and i had a shock when i saw that because i cannot think that 10 years have passed since i first drove a car! I mean 10 years 10! seriously? So i gave it away even if I am out of the limit basically every foreigner resident in switzerland should change it within one year and for me already 2 and half have passed! I go at the counter and decide to bribe the man. I see he has a sign on his desk that says: “please speak hochdeutsch”. I think: perfect he is my man! i have to tell all the time to the people to speak proper german with me… So in the end I discover he is a nice exchange worker from the west part and with some smiles and explanation he says I can get it without passing the test again. Then all proud I took a train and got to the office at 11.15, what a relax. Yeah right, then i was working till 18.50 anyway… but the point is the result i achieved today is great! I get to the station and decide to jump on the very random first train to Zurich and then I realize it is a super slow S train but also that this train goes in the opposite direction of my regular train home, which means is doing a super round to get to Zurich from nord instead of from south. well i think nevermind, I would never get to see wonderful places like: Knonau, Mettmenstetten, Affoltern am Albis and Bonstetten (just the names are amazing!) which are all so green and so deep in the swiss country spirit. In 40 min ride i basically get to see all the animals of the farms: sheeps, cows, horses… but also a nice naked man who is simply standing in his balcon which faces the railways, and he of course does not mind at all, but enjoys a lot instead! Everything is a bit weird today, there is a nice smell of cows and grass and nature, all so close by. this is why I like switzerland. Just this morning i got to do so many administrative things that everywhere else take ages… On the train there is Czeck woman (i can clearly say thanks to my eastern european know how) with a super sweet dog a bassett type with a bit curly fur… normally I don’t like bassetts but this one just has something while he looks straight into my eyes. Maybe it’s a sign, in that moment the controller comes and as if by magic -of course- by checking my abo discovers that I should not travel that route… “Miss it would be 80 CHF, but for this time…” You know what i noticed? In switzerland there is a general feeling of trust when you purchase something you can pay it afterwards… and I think in Italy it could never work. but on the other hand also the system is very strong and they can track you down because they collect all the information possible on you and the state is very close to the people in this sense. They love rules but above all they love to explain rules!!! It happends everyday to see that if someone (a foreigner most probably) is breaking a rule someone else (a swiss) will come and even if he’s totally not involved or affected by this, would just remind you that you should not and explain you that you are going against the beloved system! You can’t do the laundry or cut the grass on a sunday because the noise disturb the neighbours… but sundays are the perfect days, because are your damn free days to do all the things you have no time to do! Anyway in a day like this is all acceptable and I remember strongly why I like to be there. A day in which I have the feeling that nothing special happened, but a sequence of very particular things instead…

volvo commercial: a swiss edition car OR that is how powerful swiss cows are



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