sexy leute, the sexy people

Next monday is a big day for Zurich, is basically the fest of the city and the celebration of the start of the spring: the so called “Sächsilüüte” which means something like at 6 the bell tower rings… or as I like to call it the sexy leute party (sexy as sexy and leute as pople!!!) At six the bell ring to open the spring season, after the parade of the craft representatives a big snowman puppet called Böögg filled up with fireworks is being set on fire. The faster the head will explode, the beeter the season will be. traditionally all the people gather at the Bellevue and activate their little grills for the barbeques and pic-nics. Mmmm sausages… To me this is the fest of the sexy people as said… I thought about that right today, when he process to Berlusconi started for the Ruby case… all the main local and international news network anchor man assembled outside the court, we are being observed by the whole world and we are the puppets, the clowns of this ridiculous and outrageous show… we, the Italians, the stereotype of the sexy people, represented by a giant snow man in first row. Can we also blow him up and start new???



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