Deurne, Antwerp and my flight adventure

oliver ross picture

Ah, so nice to exit the office again. A very very last minute trip: friday decided and booked, tuesday on the road! I am going to Belgium! Since i am the newby and is also not so granted that i can go travelling in my position I have to save some money, therefore I will fly via Amsterdam to save about 1000 euro for the flight instaed of flying direct. Brussels as a destination is pretty much under a monopol and flights are just too expensive all the time. At 5.30 I am at the airport… but my flight is delayed for bad weather conditions… thanks to efficiency the next gate of my KLM is just next door so I can jump on the second plane. In the end at 12.00 I managed to be already in the office in Deurne anyway. (Be aware that brussels airport is just too big and just to go from the gate to the exit or vice versa you have to walk miles (many of which on the tapis oulants, but still a lot to walk). It’s so geat to meet all the collegues with whom i email all the time, plus the top of the tops is the visit to the aerosols plant. I saw how 1 million of cans a day are created! In the evening I could meet my friend who i did not see for 7 years and leaves now in Gent. In sucha small country is pretty easy just to come unannounced and manage to meet anyway… well of course we go for a local dinner and eat flemish stew in beer sauce with typical belgian fries (because fries are not only french but very proudly also a belgian dish) poured in a cherry kriek beer LOVELY! At a certain point it’s time for my mother insinct to be tested when they give me their baby in my arms and I have to feed him with the biberon… oh so sweet… unbelievable how you think you are going on a business trip and you end up with the most strange experiences. I get a good insight view on sales and another wonderful dinner and then I am ready to go again… Of Antwerp I could get only a quick look, but this is also part of the game: you are on the road but you are basically nowhere, suspended in a virtual space for which you actually did kms but without seeing anything. Anyway Antwerp is a really nice city which developed as commerical port thanks to its geographical position. Antwerp was always a very tolerant and open city and therefore welcomed the imigration of a lot of rich merchants and bankers from all europe, protestants but also jews, in fact in these few days I could see many ortodox going around in the city which made it pretty special to me. Furthermore still nowadays Antwerp is one of the most important centre for the commerce of diamonds, which are officially every girl’s best friends…(but me, I have no good friends then!) The last adventure of course on my way back: i step on the first leg of my journey with a 30 min flight Brussels-Amsterdam, we did not even take off yet that my flight neighbour starts moving and agitates… I think: if he will be sick he will know how to handle, he is an adult man, I turn around. In few seconds -it’s not very clear what happened- but he kind of loses conscious and start vomiting non stop all over the place. The girl sitting at the window jumps litterally on the back seat on the laps of the people behind while the floor and my bags get showered with his gastric content! HORROR! I just manage to release my seat belt and flew in the aisle. The attendants apologize millions time after I move to a business class seat. In the end I just think I am too sweet and sensitive because even in the worst situation ever I could never get angry at the hostess because it was obviously not responsible at all of the insanity of this man! OMG i still have about 1 hour and half flight plus a train home in these conditions… What i can tell you as a happy ending of this story is that if you find yourself in a similar situation you can still go home and have hope that you don’t have necessarily to throw away your bags because I successfully managed to wash them in the washing machine at 30 degrees and they survived! (one of my favourite handbags in pure plastic resisted all this, in the end the alternative was throwing it anyway or try to wash it and see what comes out…). One day later KLM sends me a flight survey to assess the service, unfortunately is for the way to brussels, so i can’t tell them this wonderful story…



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