a new (happy) year with redroom!

Hi guys! I am back!

Landed safely on 15th of december in Zurich, resisted the termic excurion of about 40 degrees (from Singapore 35 to Zurich -5) and immediately started a new life: moved to a new flat – which i can finally call a very HOME of mine! I am now ready to tell you all the stories I colected during this crazy time of travelling.

I will be looking now for a new job, which means i have time to stay home in front of my Mac and start writing! It’s very weird to think about myself as “unemployed” nowadays our profession defenetly define a lot of who we are, or at least of the opinion the others have about us, so from one side I feel mutilate, and from the other I feel tremendously free of being whatever…

Anyway, let’s start this story in the proper old fashion chronological way and let’s go back to October 2010 with the first upcoming post.

Welcome back everyone, I hope you will enjoy this new year of words as much as I do, and very best wishes for 2011; among the wishes of health (which are very common) I wish you always a good sight so that we can keep on reading and writing endless!


Una risposta a “a new (happy) year with redroom!

  1. As I can see for you this beginning of the year means a new start…! Well, take your time and relax: there’s plenty of time in this 2011. Againg happy new year!


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