Dear all, readers, friends, visitors.

I will be gone for about 2 months, so as you can imagine I won’t have time to write. I am going to collect experiences and adventures in order to come back with a lot of new materials and ideas. I will be away because my desire is to become a traveller and not a tourist.

It’s time for my big journey. See you in 2011.

PS I leave you with this tip:

Since it takes me normally one full day to pack for a trip -and it does not really matter if it is for one weekend or one month!- (because if it’s a trip where you are overnighting and you are a woman, the numbers of items you need to bring with jumps immediately to an exponential factor) I discovered these helpful websites. If you travel often like me in the past year, it is useful just to hang one on the wardrobe and just repeat always the same passages. My obsession while packing is to imagine my day frm morning to dawn and take one by one all the things which i need while visualizing them in my crazy head. Last but not least have always some essential items (like a pair of underware) in your handluggage! Like my mom always says: once you have those, if you forgot the rest, you will buy it there!



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