Landed in Venice in just one hour, I all the time get impressed by how close and how far at the same time we can be from some places. italy is relatively close to Switzerland, by my home is far, and all the time flying is very expensive: that means it makes it even further. Of course the weather is sunny and warm! Well thanx God Italy is still how it is supposed to be: a place to make my holidays great. It’s strange that I have never really thought about writing about my city, in the end is one of thing I know better and i could tell many things of it… but is also so normal… maybe only now that i am away everytime i come back i have a new experience of my city and I can finally look at it with different eyes in order to be able to write about it. First thing of coming back is the feeling of long hugs I exchange with my loves. One body against the other to compress all the space there was between us. All gone, in a sudden. Then food: Oh happy me, who I love eating so much! Udine is full of nice spot where to eat local things and have a nice glass of wine in the the little osterie all over the historical centre. Of course that means we have a great wine culture and this goes along often with premature drinking of the local teenagers and premature (in the early morning) drinking of the old fellows who attent the osterie. The third thing charachterizing the being home is the easy time: I enter the garage and find my super new and lonely Atala bycicle (which i got after my graduation and did not even have the time to really use, since i left pretty soon for my swiss adventure still going on!). Oh, I re-discover that I am actually someone who loves ciclying in the city and think that i would like to take the bycicle with me in Switzerland, this and millions of other thing that i find at home, in my room and I suddenly realize how useful and nice and important are to me. The fact is that I just can’t have them all, and then while I am away i forget about them and live a perfect normal life anyway… Despite this when i am here I start trying clothes and think: oh how much i needed this and that on that day and i forgot I had it here at home, and I bought a new one, but the old one is better, i want to take it with! So i finally cycle to the city with all these thoughts and feelings that make mt mind like a complicated ball of wool. I go t the bank, i go to the doctor, I buy stuff, i see friends. I have these endless conversation with my very and only best friend (she also I would like so much to take it with!!!) and somehow i see her like a delicate flower growing in the dry concrete because of the limitation that this small province is giving her (which are often the exact reasons why I went away). One more thing that makes it all nice: I can drive! I like driving, and is nice to drive safely in a place which you know so well you can drive with your eyes closed -but of course I don’t.

liberta square in the city center

Took out my wisdom theeth, I actually feel as wise as before, maybe even more anyway. The thing is that in Italy I enjoy the public health care system. I went in switzerland to the doctor when i had some trouble with my eye. The first thing is that they were super nice and I actually exit the clinic with a medicine in my hand in just few minutes, but then the bill comes at home and it will be a surprise because I will have to pay anyway since my private health insurance has a franchise so high that is useless… The second time i found a very impolite doctor who speaks to me like i am a swiss local grandma even though i make pretty clear that I am a foreigner and I am making an effort to speak his language while i try to describe him medical things about my eye -which unfortunately did not recover after the first visit-. In these occasions you feel totally lost and lonely and you nostalgically end up dreaming about Italy. So i came here to do my usual check up. Ready to go far east after having assumed in my blood and stomach synthesis of hepatitis A, cholera and typhus: just to be safe!  I keep on shopping restless, feeling like EURO makes me rich and I have this illusion that life here is cheap! I buy clothes and things. On saturday I HAVE TO GO TO THE LOCAL QUARTER MARKET. Italian markets are just wonderful. The big change you see nowadays is that all the merchants are now chinese and not italian while we still have the illusion that we buy is italian made. MMMh chicken smell and tons of fresh colorful vegetables: it’s a paradise!

I went to the notary, to the bank, to the supermarket, to the hospital and to the post. And time goes always very fast and i try to pack back my life into the suitecase and try to bring with me my world. I would pack my friend if possible too. I am regenerated and full of gratitude but also sad of course. See you next time!



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