me: a rat in switzerland!

I am offended and disgusted by the outrageous political and marketing campaign promoted by the UDC political party of Ticino region. Me: the perfect example of how well north and deep south of italy can meet, proud daughter of a sicilian emigrated to the north, a terrona, so to say. And now that I emigrated to Switzerland I become a rat. It is so true that migrations are just a matter of perspective, time and place. We all end up like immigrants somewhere sooner or later. And we Italias, should know that well, but instead we treat still nowadays albanians, maroccans, algerians, romanians africans and even our own very connational from below Rome like rats in our houses. I have been hating all my life the world terrone but i somehow got used to it. I will face as well to be called a rat. What really hurts me though is that italians have been accepted when our labour force was cheap and conveninet to build the Gotthard tunnel and whatsoother mervellous swiss things… just 100 years ago. We were useful, but not welcome for sure! This campaign nowadays starts from the polemic regarding the 45 thousands italian workers who everymorning cross the border and go to work in ticino. They apparently steel jobs. And then what about the swiss companies that employ them because they are cheaper?! We are rats in Switzerland eating the precious gruyer. Moreover this is offensive to me that I am such a great fan of Ticino. I mean, for an Italian in Switzerland Ticino is like home, is like a safe place where to go speak our own language and find familiar atmoshpeare, food and manners. Is a place for nostalgic and homesick looking for the sun. I am really disappointed that there are people who thinks like that exactly in Ticino.

shame at

The campaign is named bala i ratt: that is to say the dancing rats. In italian in fact we have a famous proverb which goes like: if the cat is absent, the rats dance. Obviously if the rats are partying hard is just because the cat is too distracted by his own giant selfesteem. The 3 rats (you can find them even on facebook, but i dislike you if you want to become friend of them!) are in order: Fabrizio the tiler worker from verbania, Bogdan the romanian criminal and finally, Giulio, the lawyer carrying a shield with 3 mounts on it (an undoubtable reference to our minister of finance Giulio Tremonti and to his smart law which protects the italian accounts in switzerland). This racist campaign apparently has been sponsored by 20 private investors and organized by the UDC, while in first place the party who ws held responsible was the Lega ticinese. The effect of this is so strong that made even our own Italian-Padanian Lega go mad! Someone, finally showing some wisdom, said: obviously there is always someone located more north than we are… Like saying there is no geographic limit to racism and intollerance. We should better remember this, when we talk about our internal problems and when we are so good in blaming the immigrants in our country for all our problems. And by the way, I do like swiss cheese.


Una risposta a “me: a rat in switzerland!

  1. This is, unfortunately, usual all around the world (also in Italy): politicians without ideas make fast careers in difficult periods (such this one) by giving an enemy to people. Someone to hate because you cannot afford a future for your sons, someone to hate because you cannot pay your house rent, someone to hate because you cannot find a real job, someone to HATE. Two World Wars weren’t enough to teach that the hate mechanism is not straitforward. It’s more easy to provide a fast solution (someone to hate, someone guilty) than to think and propose economic solutions, laws against inequality, …. It’s more easy to say “terrone”, “rat”, “nigger”, ….

    I’m thinking about this very often in the last months. I fear that violence is near, too near. And often I start to cry. Because when violence begins, we will discover, again, that the hate mechanism is painful.


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