hong kong and china

FROM DIEGO’S DIARY – Here you go in another crazy city. The perfect place to finally meet some swiss friend who came just to spend some time with you! but Hong kong is the perfect place for you to get sick instead. Well, it was probably meant to be sooner or later with all this air conditioning, heat, strange food, unconfortable hotels and especially all this party stress… Macao -the las vegas of asia- and a dinner at casino… and now, this is the price of freedom it is to say. Of course is not pleasent, but is another adventure to tell your kids one day: crazy taxi drive through the city looking for the right hospital and then, well, since you are in such poor condition, you upgrade youreself to the Sheraton for some cuddling and recovering into fresh and soft bed lines. Nevertheless you got a present from me and you manage to send one back too! In Hong Kong, despite the time you had to spend in bed, you see and discover more things than you probably wished to… but it’s good to open your eyes, it’s goo to see sometimes, and not just to look. Time runs faster and faster and you have to get fit because another tour will start driving you from Hong Kong to Beijing, directly into familiar arms (not mine yet!).

roam china -gap adventures

2 norwegian and 4 more UK mates next to you and a cinese tour director. Main mean of transport is the train through all China. You see little chinese kids running around in their pijamas and looking at you like you are mount everest. On the other hand the girls freak out as well and tell you how handsome and tall you are! First stop Guilin and Yangshuo pictoresque villages. It seems you are even able to say that you just got the best day of your asian adventure so far, and you had it in your beloved China! Mmmh with all the enthusiasm you normally have for every single living and non-living thing you meet on your path, sometimes, is really hard to believe you… 🙂 Bamboo boat floating on the river, some relaxing hot spring in which to chill out, and in the evening a light show directly at the river performed by the simple local people. In the club they played hardcore techno music, there were strippers (female and male), but there was also a picture of Mao on the wall… You see this combination of modern and tradition everywhere in China. In the streets just behind a BMW or Mercedes there is a wagon with some water buffalos in front… it seems you found a twin brother in your roommate Jordan (who has million stories to tell you) whatever you dress he dress the same! You even start speaking with an unusual and very funny Oxfor-british accent! Strict regulation from the communist government on the use of the internet is making our contacts more rare… After the three gorges dam site again 17 hours train straight into your birthday which you will spend in Xiang with your terracotta soldiers. Maybe this time you are going to have a new cake and letter from your group and go party hard (this i can easily already foresee!) even karaoke songs have been dedicated to you. I send you a virtual present and miss you. Shanghai is defenetly your highlight! You are just astonished by the beauty of everything, and keep on saying that. You go a peformance of chines acrobats which makes you open your mouth like a kid at the circus for the first time! Again a big party and you share a room with a third guest… On the train ride you dig in deep into your thoughts while listening to the philosophical music of the Underworld and you lose yourself in the images of the landscape direction Beijing! Climbing the great wall, Tienanmen Square, the forbidden city and all the other wonders, but the tour is sadly over. You will go back to Shanghai to see the expo with your family, and just after landing a limo is waiting for you! ÂŁ days left and is time for us! See you -finally- in Japan!



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