elephant bath


FROM DIEGO’S DIARY- One week in Laos. The airport is just as big as a warehouse, but the people are so increadibly friendly and happy. You walk half of the capital to find an internet cafe and call home… hard to imagine, but you can practise your french there in Vientiane! The coutry is very peaceful too due t the strong influence of buddhism, full of amazing little temples that touch your heart. Your accomodation is just like paradise. A long and difficult bus ride takes you to Ving Vang where you enjoy some river activity and meet up again with your vietnam mates! A little crack for the distance, 3 weeks have passed, but we cross over it: attraversiamo. Sitting on your bungalow terrace, with an amazing view on the river, you are probably reading these lines here… and it’s exactly today ONE YEAR ABOUT US, and we miss each other today, for real, like -it seems- there is no tomorrow, but then another day comes, even more beautiful than the one before. Tubing is one of the most amazing and exciting activity you probably ever did since crazy Australian adventures. You slide and jump into the river and the cost is full of bars and people partying insane. But is not enough, you go elephant riding and take your elephant to the river for a bath. Elephant was your favourite animal when you were a kid and now, there you are, on top of one and you rule the world, or at least Laos. You go around witha classic TUK TUK… But once again is time to fly over, direction HONG KONG!



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