FROM DIEGO’S DIARY- An exhausting flight to land in Ho Chi Minh city, the second leg with a narrow asian airline, too small for your legs. Thanx got you could board on the plane after the police control analyzed your passport picture and your face in details… they just did not believe it is the same you. You look pretty different now from the kid who went to Australia some time ago. At the airport you bull around a bit with those swiss excited chicks going to Australia, just like you did… The taxi driver punked you a bit and you pay him his monthly salary just to get to the hotel, at least 2 nights you restore in a nice place before the tour starts.  Saigon is loud, busy, noisy…

traffic in saigon

you meet a german dude and you go for a beer with him. The next day you visit the vietcong tunnels and you meet the group of 8 cool guys who will travel next to you for the next 12 days. It’s bloody hot and humid, you crawl around, you eat asian food (pretty different from what we eat in Europe eh?!)  you risk your life trying to cross the streets which are just overpacked by motorbikes and all kind of traffic and vehicles. Kids freaking out in the street when they see you, a giant blond swiss. night train direction north for some jetski and beach. You already love it, and is just the beginning… You got to celebrate your NON-birthday today with a month in advanced, for a nice misunderstanding, so you can have it twice! You even got a 60 min wonderful massage that brought you back to life.

A crazy trainride from Nah trang to Hue and from there a bus to Hoi An. The bed was way smaller than last time, at least this hotel is very nice.  Hoi An in general is just wonderful, its strongly influenced by chinese architecture so for every house you can freak out! You decided to buy a suite for your new career in tourism -when you will be back- : a dark grey one with white stripes. 100 bucks, made it overnight, and all the Vietnamese girls in the shop measuring you giant blond exotic guy.

roam vietnam -gap adv

You buy art for your new house while I buy furniture here in switzerland… Finally you enjoyed some food, but also the drinks since rhum is pretty cheap down there… Someone came and told you that there is a beachparty: full of backpacker boys and girls, crazy music (Faithless, prodigy, pendulum) all night long and a wonderful beach just in front of you..  At 4 o clock a night swim is what you need. You already have all of them in your heart: Johnny Tom, Hannah, Laura, Nikki…
Monsoon time, but still 35 degrees outside. You start somehow to believe in the destiny whan you think about your wonderful life and the path in front of you, while one of your good friends becomes father… and you have the first (and hope last) bad adventure in Hue. Things that marks your body but most of all your soul, and make you grow. You find peace and recovery in the beauty of the Halong bay. Another crazy evening partying with the crazy city of Hanoi in black out. You party so good and dance so well that apparently someone falls in love with you, and he is a he… but is time to say goodbye -for now- and fly to Laos.



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