the hotel with 7 star

FROM DIEGO’s DIARY- Strange feeling in this 3 days of Dubai: absolutle religious conservativism and tradition,  but also the craziest modern things ever. Technologies, brands, fashion, luxus. Behind all this shining cover there is a tribe of workers, dressed in blu uniforms, who build up this city every day and brick on brick, they rise these wonderful skyskrapers and amazing architecture prodigies. A bit unlucky arrived in Dubai exactly during the Ramadam fest, so can’t drink, eat or smoke in public places till the sunset. Just the perfect way to start the purifying journey in front of you: you should actually start reading Endlich nicht raucher! A washingmachine in your hotel room is a very useless thing if outside there are 40 degrees celsius and is so humid that your clothes -just exit the machine- look like in comparison pretty dry… Pack and unpack already million times: training session of your huge new 70 liters backpack. Riding the camel in the desert and the quad along the dunes; smoking shisha while looking at the immense sky above, that had never offered you so many of his precious stars like tonight. Ready for the next stop. Vietnam. You have a bottle with active carbon filter so you can drink dirty asian water without getting sick. Just before that, you and your vertigo have climbed the highest tower in the world, almost one km height. Got lost in the biggest shopping mall of the world and saw the fanciest hotel ever rated with 7 stars!!! A drink at the artifical palm islands and a night flight to Singapur to spend 5 hours at the airport before landing in Ho Chi Min city… have a nice journey.



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